Staminair Corporation, manufacturer of the Vortex Blastair® air cannon and blaster, is a leading supplier of air cannons, services and consulting to industries worldwide.

Our Vortex Blastair® equipment, services and solutions provide safely and cost-effective build-up removal for both high and low temperature applications occuring in silos, hoppers, cyclones and kiln preheater.

Vortex Blastair® air blaster is a revolutionary and reliable air cannon system which is a cost-effective solution for removing material build up and blockages occuring in silos, hoppers, kilns preheater, cyclones, kilns and other industrial machinery.

Vortex Blastair® systems are available for use in the most demanding high and low temperature applications and environments in the cement, steel, power stations, chemical, incinerators, fertilizer, and any other industries with powdery and granular storage with potential material flow problem.

In addition, a wide range of Vortex Blastair® accessories and air cannon parts are available and can be shipped worldwide to any location.

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Staminair Corporation has successfully acquired international patent protection for its Vortex Blastair® air cannon and air blaster.

The Vortex Blastair® air cannon was developed using a unique blasting mechanism. Contact us for more information!

Staminair is represented worldwide by a network of agents.

We welcome agents in countries that are not yet represented. If you are interested in representing Staminair Corporation and our air cannons, please contact us ! We provide more blasting power for less cost!

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